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You love good stuff. You have more words to describe the hop expression in your last IPA than you do to describe your love for your partner. You're the first in line at the release, and you never leave without max allotment. You might just be a Hypester. Get this glass before it's gone, and get the shirt too.

/ˈhīp stər/
1. A person who leads the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.
2. A person that may have a closet full of rare and expensive drinks, comics, shoes or some other sub-culturally celebrated bit of ephemera no matter the cost.
3. A person that might be considered a hipster to those outside of the know.

"I heard Josh was the first person in line to drop $45 on that Bourbon Barrel-Aged Neapolitan Cookie stout like a real Hypester. I'll never be able to buy a brew that crazy, especially not at that price. I want to be like Josh when I grow up."

Are you a hypester? Get this glass before it's gone.

Is your friend a hypester? Get them one before it's gone.

The bottom line is you should get a few before the price goes up and then they're gone.

Referred to by some as "the world's best beer glass," the unique design of the 42.5cl Rastal Teku Glass offers something for all of the senses. Created to enhance the drinking experience, it was designed by a craft beer expert and a sensory analyst. Manufactured by renowned German glassmakers Rastal, this Teku glass, with a 14.5 ounce brimful capacity, is the glass for all beers. Its contemporary look has garnered praise from cicerones to homebrewers alike for its quality and ability to present a variety of craft beers perfectly.

The angled bowl captures the aromatics for the nose and palate. The slim lip of the glass feels just right when imbibing and the stem creates an elegant visual presentation while keeping body temperature from warming the beer prematurely. Your logo will look stunning on the large bowl of the glass.